Stair climbing trolleys: the revolution of transport on stairs

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Many companies,have to deal with the transport of heavy loads, both inside their premises for reasons related to the type of work to be done, and outside to deliver materials and heavy goods.

Thanks to Zonzini, a company that for decades has been involved in the design and production of stair climbing trolleys, the transport of heavy loads will no longer be a problem.

Zonzini’s commitment to trying to understand the needs of its customers, current and potential, makes it a successful company, with electric stair climbing designed based on the weight to be transported, the size of the load and many other variables that only those who have to carry heavy loads know.

Thanks to the technology applied in the production of their products, it will be possible for the companies that will use it, the optimization of the work: to transport for example a vending machine or a particularly heavy household appliance, it will no longer be necessary 2 or 3 operators, but it will be enough one.

Zonzini stair climbing trolleys are an example of reliability and seriousness for all those who care about safety at work: the main objective is to design tools that are useful, both in terms of cost savings, because the use of manpower will be lower, and in terms of working conditions, because the operator will not have to transport more heavy loads with effort, but with simplicity and effortlessly.

An example of an innovative and technologically advanced stair climbing system is Domino Automatic: with Domino you can go up and down easily and safely any type of staircase.It can be used on any type of floor thanks to its special non-staining and non-scratching crawler tracks and it can also be used outdoors on uneven surfaces without the operator having to keep the load balanced.

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