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Stickers are fun. No matter if you’re a kid or an adult, getting a sticker brings a bit of excitement. And, when it’s free, there’s even more interest in it. It may not even go on your car, binder, or laptop case. However, if you collect such things, you will always see it as you are looking for other items, and it may remind you to go back to the location where you first got the sticker. And, that’s what businesses want to happen.

Stickers are one of the best, low-cost marketing tools around these days. With only a few dollars and a design, a business can create several hundred stickers to distribute at the counter, in mailings, or during special events. And, in many cases, they don’t charge for the stickers because their Return on Investment (ROI) comes in the form of new clients. The best thing is, with today’s technology, any type of label can be designed as long as the idea for it is there.

If there isn’t a business nearby which creates these products, it’s recommended to choose one of the many websites which sell custom labels online. Companies like Custom Sticker Makers allow the user to upload a design of their own or create one through available templates. Thanks to advances in printing technology, these stickers don’t need to be black & white. They can feature a vibrant, multi-color palette. There may even be an option to produce a 3D-style sticker.

Another important feature that may be offered by the online company is waterproofing. Many labels crumble at the slightest moisture, so you want to make sure yours is durable enough to withstand any climate. That way, when the other labels have fallen off an object or have faded to the point of non-recognition, yours continues to stand out and represents the power of your company.

Before generating your custom label do your homework. Stop by other locations that give away or sell labels based on their products and ask them where they purchased theirs. If online, see if they can tell you about pricing or customer service. Review sites like Yelp for recommendations. Once you choose the right company for your custom labels, you’ll make that next move in gaining new business.


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